Oil Tank Installation Experts Serving Yeovil

When it comes to oil tank installation in Yeovil, Somerset, and the surrounding areas, choose our experts here at Bryan G Paulley Ltd. We have extensive experience in dealing with domestic and commercial oil tanks, our installation and removal services are some of the best in Somerset.

Complete Coverage

To ensure that  we can meet all of our customers' requirements,  we’re able to deal with all types of tanks, this includes fitted and made-to-measure tanks, specifically including:

Complete Coverage

  • Bunded Tanks

  • Single-Skin Tanks

  • Metal Tanks

  • Fire Tanks

  • Underground Tanks

  • Water Tanks

Comprehensive Work

Before we start our work we always arrange a free site survey. This is undertaken at your location, and it allows us to talk through our installation, the prices we charge, and our overall process, with emphasis  on health and safety. Once you’re happy, work begins.

Call us today to enquire further about the oil tank installations we offer in Yeovil, Somerset, our team will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements, ensuring we’re offering you the most suited and highest quality service.

Our Process

When carrying out our services, we follow a set procedure. Firstly, the contents of the old tank are emptied of all good, clean oil, we then transfer this into a temporary tank, and switch off the boiler. If an Aga is present, we can keep the old boiler running during work. We then uplift the old tank and check the base for integrity ensuring it meets regulatory status. If the base is non-regulatory, it will result in the new tank’s warranty being void.

All of our tanks come complete with an ultrasonic contents gauge, which consists of a part inside the tank reading the oil level and communicating this to another unit plugged into an electrical socket in the premises. This allows the client to monitor fuel levels from the indoors. We test the existing oil-line for integrity, achieve a positive test, connect it to a new tank, and then transfer all good, clean fuel into the new tank.

We then purge, run, and test the boiler, which must have been regularly serviced and be running when we arrive. Our team disposes of old tanks to registered recycling centres, and to ensure this is done properly we have a waste carrier license and a recycling certificate.