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Proficiently Removing and Installing Oil Tanks

Whether you have a small storage facility at your home, or your business is reliant upon an extensive storage system, Bryan G Paulley Ltd is here to help. Working with domestic and commercial customers, we offer comprehensive and safe oil tank installation and removal.

Covering All Designs

In order to assist as many customers as possible, we are capable of dealing with all types of tanks. We specialise in bunded tanks, single-skin tanks, metal tanks, fire tanks, underground tanks & water tanks which some can be made to measure and fitted to meet your specifications.

A Comprehensive Evaluation

Prior to any work taking place, we will arrange a free site survey at the customer's location, during which we run through the requirements for the installation as well as our prices. The process of installation and removal will also be explained, with emphasis placed on the health and safety aspects and any ongoing maintenance and cleaning that will be required. Once the customer is satisfied, we will arrange a date for the work to be carried out.

Oil Tank

The Work Process

When carrying out a complete removal and new installation, we often follow a set procedure. Firstly, the contents of the existing tank will be emptied into a temporary tank - the boiler will be switched off, but if an Aga or equivalant cooker is present, we can keep these running during works.  Depending on the size of the new tank, we will then renew, extend or relocate the existing base to achieve regulatory fitment.  We then fit the new tank which comes complete with an ultrasonic gauge, which consist of a part inside the tank reading the oil level & it communicates this level to another unit plugged into an electrical socket in the premises, allowing the client to monitor fuel levels from the comfort of indoors. The oil-line will then be tested before the contents of the temporary tank is filtered and transferred into the new tank. Finally, the boiler is tested to ensure it is running and functioning safely &, if applicable, the Aga reconnected.  We will uplift the old tank to our yard for degassing, cleaning and recycling to registered recyclers.

Allowing for Open Positioning

When you have a standard tank installed, it is important to ensure that it is not too near any boundaries or properties. However, if this is a necessity, we are able to build fire-walls, usually made from concrete posts and concrete panels being non-combustible. The walls are primarily erected at the same time as the tank is installed, meaning that it may be positioned almost anywhere.

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